Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yes, yes I went to see New Kids On The Block! They were in town on July 2nd. I never got to see them when I was younger so I had to go this time! I had a FLIPPIN BLAST! I went with my BFF, Leigh even though she really didn't want to see them she still went with me and in the end I 'think' she had a blast too! We had some really good seats and really nice people sitting around us. The concert was supposed to start at 7 so we were trying to be late so we would miss Jesse McCartney. Well we get there around 7:30 and some dancing group was still on, just a little bit pissed at this time. Finally Jesse comes on the stage sings his songs {which aren't really that bad I kind of like his new one out} then around 9 NKOTB finally get on the stage! They sing all the songs I remember and surprisingly I knew most of the words too! While I was getting more beer I missed Donnie taking his shirt off! Grrrrrrr!!!!!! Of coarse I sunk my camera in and took lots of pictures camera died!!! We left a little early so we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds and as we are walking across the Mississippi River we hear Hangin' Tough! So me being me starts to sing it really loud along with a couple of people. Here are some pictures {I'm not posting ALL of them because it will take way too long}
Leigh Tweeting it up!
My BFF and I

Right before NKOTB came on!


Buzzys Mama said...

As someone who is really interested in reading what you have to say, I thought I would just point out that I . . . well . . . can't. The color of your text font to your background are too similar. :(

Nishant said...

really this blog is awesome.

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