Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gah! Girls These Days....

They can be and are SO RUDE!!! I pick up kids from Mt. Pisgah. And every once in a while one of them has bad B.O. So I talked to my boss on how to bring it up because I didn't want to point anyone out. She tells me to say did y'all have gym today? And go from there. Here's my convo with the girls:

Me: Did y'all have gum today?

Girls: NO

{There goes my plan out the window}

Me: Ok.......I'm not trying to point anyone out. Well when we get older we sweat and it's has an odor. And sometimes we need to re apply. I carry a stick of deodorant with me at all times. Sometimes I need to refresh in the middle of the day.

{ They start to smell their arm pits}

Girls: It's not me.

Then one girl says it's her. AND MOVES AWAY FROM HER AND LAUGHS!!!!!

I'm in shock at this time! I couldn't believe she just said that!! She tells her that she is sorry but is laughing after she said it. Gah girls these days! I had a talk with the girl who pointed the other one out and told her how would you feel if she did that to you. That's how she feels now. I made her apologize to her again. I had a talk with the other girl and told her that I was sorry that happened. It wasn't supposed to be like that. I hugged her and told her I was sorry.

I am not looking forward to my girls being teenagers!

Peace, Love and Becky

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