Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tubes For Kami!!

I took Kami to the ENT {Ear Nose and Throat Doctor} for an 8 week check up. I told him that she had at least 1 ear infection since the last time we saw him and I was pretty sure she had another one. Well I was right she does have one. So he said let's go ahead with the tubes! I am so excited! I am so tired of taking Kami to the doctor because of an ear infection. I made an appointment for December 31 {I thought I made it for December 29th so I am going to call tomorrow and check on it}. We have to be there at 6:30 in the morning. NO food or drink after midnight, yeah how do you tell a baby that she can't eat?!?! The doctor said it takes less than 10 minuets to do the tubes. And as soon as she wakes up I can hold her. I am excited and scared about this. I know on December 31 I am going to be freaking out! She's only going to be 7 months!!

Look at this ADORABLE blinkie I got made! It was made by Yolanda at CrumbSnatchers

Peace, Love and Becky

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