Saturday, November 29, 2008


OK So we have had mice in the attic for a while now. They also have been living in the garage. I have been threatening to let the cats out in the garage but never have. Well, this morning I get woken up to Kathryn saying: 'Ace {our cat} has a mouse and he's under our bed!!' EEeeeeekkkkk!!!!! So now I have Ace under my bed with a mouse. Yeah I'm not going to get it. I'm gunna let Greg get it when he gets home. So I guess we are heading to Lowe's to get mice traps. What a GREAT way to wake up!!!

Peace, Love and Becky


Tammy W said...

Yikes, Sorry!!!!

I had a rat encounter a couple weeks's the link if you'd like to read it.. said...

AHH..We had them in our garage. Mouse traps took care of them. And we started keeping the dog food in air tight containers.

Tammy W said...

I heard them in the attic again last night...time for a trip to the feed store for some poison!!!

I am giving you two awards and tagging ya!! Come on over and get them!