Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

Let's see. Before work this morning I had to take Kami to her 6 month check up.{See Kami's blog for an update on her} Then when I got to work I did the assistant director thing. I am so good at making enemy's when I work 'up front'. People were saying that they had to go home. Ummm NO you don't. Lolita said it was up to ME if you could go home early. I had TWO tours back to back. I had to make the second tour wait until I was through with the first one. I was thinking it was the day before Thanksgiving it's going to be an easy day. BOY WAS I WRONG!! The phone rang off the hook. The only really good thing that happened today was Lolita clocked me in at 9 instead of at 11 when I got there and Lucia came in to close so I got to go home early!! Now I am sitting here waisting time before I go to Walmart. I know it's going to be PACKED. I think I might just go to Target. Who knows. I can't wait until tomorrow!!

Peace, Love, and CandyCanes

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Why do you have 3 blogs??
Just post it all on one.

Becky said...

Because like you said I'm a DORK!!!! said...