Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Walking On Sunshine!!

Monday.......hmmmm nothing really much to say about Monday. Went to Target tonight and of coarse spent way to much. The really only good thing about today is at work we can now wear jeans everyday instead of just on Friday's!!

I can't believe that Christmas is 30days away!! This year has just seemed to FLY by! I can't wait to start decorating. This is really the only holiday I decorate for. I guess that's what I will be doing on Friday.

Here's my Manic Monday #143 ~

Do you ever talk to yourself out loud? I try not too. I try to keep it in my head.

What do you talk about? Anything that has been going on with work, family or friends.

What stresses you out? What doesn't lately. Money, life, work you name it and it probably stresses me out.

What are your secret talents? I don't really think I have any. I'll get back to you on this one.

Peace Love and CandyCanes.


Autumn said...

glad you got the header to work!!

Tammy W said...

LOVING your siggy!!! TOO CUTE! said...

Adorable siggy/layout/banner! :)

Becky said...

Thanks ladies!!!!